24th May 2019

This week Owl’s class were being a Roman soldier in the army and had to write a letter back to their family telling them about their experiences. We have been trying to follow instructions in relation movement a bit like Chinese whispers, it started off well but then by the end the movements had changed a lot!

After the half term holiday our topic is Transport and our family challenges for the term are:

  • Make a 3D model of your favourite mode of transport
  • Write a poem linked to transport
  • If you are travelling somewhere write an account about it – this can include what you were doing, where you were going, how long the journey took
  • Design an environmentally friendly vehicle – label this and write a short description about how it is environmentally friendly
  • Explore what the transport is like in another country
  • Write a short story about going on a pirate ship – think about using your senses to help describe what it is like and how you are feeling
  • Design a fact file about a mode of transport – this would include when it was first designed and who by
  • Make a poster describing a variety of different modes of transport
  • Keep a log about the different types of transport you use in a week (Car, bus, train etc) – put these into a table and then create a bar chart