Autumn Term 2016

September – Generosity

Generosity is a willingness to give money, help or time freely. It is also nobility of character it can be:

Loving others as we love ourselves, giving sacrificially, giving cheerfully, caring for Creation, giving our time, giving as God gives

October – Faith

Faith is a devotion to, or a belief, confidence or trust in, something or someone. It can be devotion to God or to a strongly held set of principles. We keep faith when we are loyal or true to a person or a promise.

November – Peace

Peace means getting along with other people; having positive thoughts about oneself and others; peace is freedom from disturbance.

December – Compassion

Compassion is having sympathy for the suffering of others and often includes a desire to help. Compassion can be noticing a need, being a good neighbour,  putting on the right attitude, having the courage to care and/or coming to the rescue,

Compassion – (God of the unexpected)