What are Values?

Values are universally accepted principles that guide good behaviour.  These values are based up on the qualities that we consider our pupils need to develop into good learners and citizens.

St Lawrence Church of England Primary School is a Values Based School. As a church school we acknowledge that while these values can be seen as Christian, they are not exclusively so, and we believe are espoused by people of all faiths or no faith at all.  It is our values that shape how we behave, what we say and how we build relationships.  At St Lawrence Primary School we are committed to building a caring and supportive community.

A wide range of positive human values are encouraged in school including trust, honesty, friendship, respect and tolerance.

Like riding a bike, values are learned through a combination of practice and instruction. Students learn what values are, how to recognise them, and how people react to them, equipping them with invaluable social skills and emotional intelligence.

How are we teaching the values?

Children learn about values primarily through everyday interaction with everyone in the school community.  It is through modelling positive behaviour and values that we can all understand our expectations of each other and how we all want to be treated.  To support this we have a structured approach to Collective Worship, circles and specific lessons that teach the values and encourage children to deepen their understanding of what the values mean to them.  Our values curriculum is built upon Values Based Education and Restorative practices.  You can find out more about these at:

Which values are important to St Lawrence Primary School and their community?

We have developed a set of specific values that we will teach the children throughout the year.  There is a new value introduced each month during Collective Worship and the children engage in a specific value lesson during the month.  The values selected were decided upon in collaboration with the staff and pupils of the school.

What part do adults in school play?

Adults consistently model our values in their relationships with other people in and outside of school.  Each classroom has the value of the month displayed as well as the value being displayed in the school hall and entrance hall.

What part do parents play?

We ask parents to reinforce values at home by talking about them and modelling them whenever possible.  We will inform parents of the monthly value in the school newsletter along with the definitions and what we will be discussing and learning in school linked to the value.

We have a Values Tree displayed in the school entrance and hope that we can make the tree ‘blossom’ throughout the school year.  For this, we would like your help.  If your child displays any of the values of the month, we would love for you to recognise this by sending in a leaf with a few details of what they did.  The leaf can then be added to the tree for all to see.  We will also be adding leaves to the tree when we see the values demonstrated in school.