Welcome to the Nursery Year page! 
Nursery names
Key Workers: Mrs Compton and Mrs Eremita
Nursery Lead : Mrs Parmar
This term’s topic is
Spinning Through Space
A normal school week in Autumn term 2016 will include:
  • Library on a Friday. Please remember to bring your books to change them.
  • Please make sure your child has spare clothes in their bag in case they are needed.
Some special dates for you to remember!
  • The Bedford Observatory will be visiting for an evening of star gazing on Friday 11th November. Please see home-school books for more information.
  • Poppies will be sold in school during the week leading up to our remembrance service on Friday 11th November. 
  • The Early Years Nativity performance will be shown to families and friends on Wednesday 7th December. Please stay tuned for more information leading up to the date.
  • Our Christmas dinner and parties will take place on Friday 16th December. Further details will be forwarded in the home-school books.
  • This term will finish with a whole school Christmas service at St. Lawrence Church at 2pm on Tuesday 20th December. If nursery children wish to attend, families may bring them along.
For the latest news from the Nursery Year class, please visit our blog.







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