Year 6 News

This Week

Friday, May 17, 2019

Eagles have completed the SATs! They have all worked extremely hard and have been incredibly focused all week. Eagles have shown great resilience and have made the school very proud.

They have also been out on the field a lot this week having some down time. They have been playing football, cricket, doing cartwheels and lots more.

Well done Eagles!

This Week

Friday, May 3, 2019

This week in Maths, we have been on an Arithmetic hunt where we had to search around the playground and trim trail for questions to improve our arithmetic skills. The one who completed all 16 questions correctly and the fastest were given several house points. We have also recapped on addition, subtraction, volume and fractions.

In English, we had to correct our teacher’s deliberate mistakes in a previous SPaG test. We also finished off a recount about the Easter holidays and recapped about plural and possessive apostrophes.

Due to lots of SATs preparation and hard work, we have been rewarded with 10 minutes extra lunchtime where we have been applying our basketball skills.

On Thursday, the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire visited our school. We had lots of questions to ask her about her role.

This Week

Friday, April 26, 2019

This week, we have been working hard preparing for SATs. In English, we have been revising pronouns and how to answer 2 and 3 mark reading questions using P.E.E (point, explanation and evidence). We have also been writing a recount about our Easter break ensuring that we use modal verbs, fronted adverbials and a range of KS2 punctuation.

In Maths, we covered roman numerals and measurement problems. We also have been revising arithmetic every morning when we come into school.

We have started two new areas in PE, basketball and cricket. We showed great teamwork and sportsmanship during basketball.

On Wednesday, we did music and sang ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams and then listened to songs related to being happy such as ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.


Performance of “Click”

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Year 6 are off to Bromham Primary School this Thursday to see a performance of Click by Alter Ego.

‘Click’ has been developed by the creative team behind the hugely successful applied theatre plays ‘Chelsea’s Choice’, ‘In the Net’, Crashing’, Going to Extremes’ and ‘CountyLines’.

It is aimed at Year 6 primary school children and raises awareness around digital literacy and online resilience in a fun and friendly way.

It covers:-

  • What makes a healthy/unhealthy online relationship
  • Awareness of online peer pressure
  • Awareness of online marketing pressure
  • Safe internet/social media/gaming use
  • The importance of keeping personal information safe
  • Sharing appropriate/inappropriate content
  • Cyber-bullying and the effect it has on others
  • What to do if you are being cyber-bullied
  • What to do and who to speak to if you have questions or concerns