History of St Lawrence Lower School

Wymington is a small village in the north of Bedfordshire lying adjacent to the County boundary, which join the Northamptonshire town of Rushden. There has been a school in the village since 1869, when it was founded by the Rector, The Reverend William Monk. To this day we continue to be a Church of England, voluntary aided School, within the Diocese of St Albans.

In more recent history the School changed from being a primary infant and junior school to a Lower School, providing primary education for children between the ages of 3-9 years old. In July 1989, the School changed its name from Wymington Lower School to St Lawrence VA Lower School, thus more clearly reflecting our status and connections with the Parish of St Lawrence.

Our village Church is one of many called St Lawrence. In 258 AD St Lawrence lived in Rome. The emperor who ruled Rome and its Empire was called Valarian. He was a greedy man. Valarian sent his guard and the Prefect to the Church where Lawrence worked. The Prefect demanded the church’s treasure and riches. Lawrence, who was kind and gentle, was not going to be brow-beaten by these men. He brought out of the Church the group of poor people whom he had been offering food and shelter. The Prefect of the guard was very angry and the Emperor punished him severely. He was put to death in a very cruel way.