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Art and Craft

  • https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/
  • On twinkl.co.uk there are many Easter activities that children can be involved in:
  • Easter themed Maths Activity book
  • LKS2 Maths: The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume
  • Make Easter baskets and Easter chicks
  • Easter crossword
  • As a family, boil hard boiled eggs and decorate them. Have an egg and spoon race in the garden.
  • Time Capsule Creation: Time Capsule
  • Make an Easter card for someone you love, you could even post it to someone that you haven’t seen for a while
  • Hold an Easter egg hunt around the house or in the garden. The children could hide the eggs for parents/siblings to find.
  • Polystyrene eggs painted and stuck together to create a centre piece
  • Cut out large egg templates from card stock. Then provide the children with the template, tape, scissors, chalk and some water. The children can use the tape and scissors to make a design on their egg template.

Cooking / Baking










Talking Points


These 100 ‘shorts’ are divided into 3 playlists: Age 4-7, 8-11, and 11-16. They provides a perfect introduction to philosophy for younger and older children alike, modelling discussion and argument through colourful, fun characters and irresistible questions.

Use at home…

To use with children at home, simply press play. Afterwards, ask them for their opinion. Do they agree with Spot or Stripe and why? Do they have another angle on the question? Fun conversation can be enjoyed as a family, or with two more siblings talking together. It can be fun for parents to take the opposite point of view for the sake of argument.



Our friends at Impact have created some activity packs for the children to engage with based on Palm Sunday and the Easter week.  Please find the packs below which are differentiated for the different age groups.

Impact RE resources – Easter – YR-2 With correct links

Impact RE resources – Easter – Y3&4 With correct links

Impact RE Resources – Easter – Y5&6 With correct links

Impact RE Resources – Maundy Thursday – YR-2

Impact RE Resources – Maundy Thursday – Y3-4

Impact RE Resources – Maundy Thursday – Y5-6

Impact RE Resources – Palm Sunday – YR-2 With correct links

Impact RE Resources – Palm Sunday – Y3&4 With correct links

Impact RE Resources – Palm Sunday – Y5&6 With correct links


The Shows Must Go On!

Every Friday Andrew Lloyd Webber is releasing a musical to watch on YouTube for 48hours. See the link below.  The first one airs from 7pm this Friday (3rd April) – this week is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. https://youtu.be/N6XjXfQmZ4Q



Lisa Kaler, our French teacher, has created a ‘Team Home School’ section on her website with lots of free, fun activities for you to do as a family – click here:   https://www.petite-etoile.co.uk/about.  Each week she will be covering a different section of vocabulary with a new song and a new story to listen to.   Also, check out the ‘5 minute wake up and shake up’ in French, also the links to ‘Bilinguasing TV’ which has free French resources and more songs and games.

Lisa has also created a new section just for St Lawrence Primary pupils in the ‘Our Schools’ section: