Curriculum Statement

The curriculum comprises all the learning and other experiences that St Lawrence Church of England Primary School provides to its pupils. It provides opportunities for pupils to learn and achieve, to develop their understanding of the spiritual, moral, cultural and artistic aspects of life and to prepare for their continued education.

Curriculum Aims

  1. Enabling every individual to achieve their fullest personal and academic potential;
  2. Providing a curriculum to promote a full range of learning, thinking and life skills;
  3. Providing a curriculum to promote the creative, intellectual, cultural, spiritual,moral and physical development of all students;
  4. Providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum with emphasis on the Arts and the importance of doing and understanding;
  5. Devising flexible and responsive working styles, particularly those which take into account the impact of technology on learning itself;
  6. Equipping pupils with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed as individuals and as responsible and valued members of society;
  7. Encouraging pupils to set their own goals and targets and enabling them to
    play a positive and responsible part in their own progress.
  8. Achieve high standards across the curriculum
  9. Nurture a love of learning that helps children to develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds
  10. Give pupils an understanding of religious and moral values
  11. To respect other races, beliefs and ways of life
  12. Foster positive social skills, self-respect and a caring attitude towards all others in the school and in the wider community

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The curriculum that we teach in our Reception and Nursery classes meets the requirements set out in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage. Our curriculum planning focuses on the Early Years Outcomes and the Early Learning Goals, developing children’s skills and experiences, as set out in these documents.

Our school fully supports the principle that young children learn through play. By
intentionally planning and providing learning opportunities for children within the structure of their independent play we can support them to make progress throughout the school day alongside more structured and adult led learning.

Outdoor learning is a pivotal aspect of the EYFS curriculum at St Lawrence. The outdoor learning environment forms a coherent and varied extension of the learning opportunities which are provided across the EYFS.

Key Stage 1

The Key Stage 1 curriculum at St Lawrence builds upon the EYFS. The speed at which children in Year 1 transition from the EYFS to the National Curriculum is differentiated to best support the needs of individual children.

Building upon the EYFS, the curriculum in Key Stage 1 covers all of the National
Curriculum subjects and has a strong emphasis on reading, writing, mathematics and phonics. Phonics, English and Maths are taught in discrete sessions on a daily basis. In addition to this, learning opportunities in reading, writing, maths and phonics are planned into the broader curriculum.

Key Stage 2

The Key Stage 2 curriculum at St Lawrence builds on the learning and progress in Key Stage 1. All National Curriculum subjects are covered including RE and PSHE, which are taught in accordance with the Local Authority programmes of study. Similarly to Key Stage 1, English and Maths are taught as discrete subjects on a daily basis and embedded throughout the other curriculum subjects.

Curriculum Approach

We aim to teach our curriculum in an engaging, interesting and inspirational way primarily through a skills based approach. In particular, we are using the Chris Quigley Skills Based curriculum to guide our teaching within the cross-curricular themes. Themes are structured around core texts; care is taken to provide the children with a rich language based, high quality range of texts.  These themes cover most subjects; excluding Mathematics, PSHE and Religious Education, which have their own schemes. Where possible, however, links are made to embed the learning in these subjects.  Our pupils lie at the heart of this thematic learning and play a large part in planning what they would like to learn as well. This approach provides a rich diversity of exciting themes that appeal to our children while still covering all the separate elements required by our National Curriculum.


The KS1 Phonics programme we follow is Letters and Sounds. This is taught throughout the Early Years and into Key Stage One.  Alongside this programme, we use a variety of reading schemes such as The Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Rocket, Fireflies and National Geographic.

Curriculum Enrichment

We are passionate about providing children with opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and we offer a range of trips and visits to complement their learning in school. Our Visits Plan offers children opportunities to develop and explore the local area as well as visiting places of interest further afield. We provide a number of residential visits each year, which are exciting, varied and a fantastic opportunity for relationship building.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please refer to the National Curriculum:

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