St Lawrence PTA would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to a new school year and tell you a little bit about what it is we do.

What does the PTA do for our community?

We raise much-needed funds for school throughout the year by running events for the children and families at the school.

This money is used for the following –

  • Subsidise school trips bringing the cost down significantly for parents.
  • Pay for equipment as and when needed for the whole school and individual classes – this means money from the class budgets can be used for other things. In the past we have bought, laptops, cameras and a huge amount of play equipment for the playgrounds including the new staging area.
  • We have paid for external speakers to come into school and for many extra curricular activities.
  • Paid for a freezer for Lollies at the end of each week for a nice treat for the children.
  • We have done a significant amount of fundraising to update the Manor Lane Playground and this will go ahead in agreement with the longer-term school plans.