Weekly update

Our caterpillars have grown so much already!

We have been making some lovely cards for Father’s Day and have been practicing writing our names inside. We talked about all the shapes we needed to make the pictures. Notice the ‘watch out for ducklings’ sign!

We have had lots of fun during our free play, even though it has rained a lot this week. Look at this amazing tower!

We are continuing our topic of Growing and have been looking at the life cycle of frogs. We have watched a video about how frogs grow and listened to songs about it. We have made frogspawn bubble pictures and collaged and painted some lovely frogs for our display. We also made some jelly, as frogspawn is very like jelly. Our jelly was strawberry flavour though, and we were very interested to see how the jelly cubes dissolved in hot water. We all enjoyed eating the jelly too!