Welcome to our Reception Autumn Term

Hello to all of our new class members and their families.


We have a lot of fun lined up for the Autumn term, learning together and enjoying ourselves in the process. Our first week will involve some special ‘mix-up’ days with the rest of the school, along with settling in activities to help the children get to know their new setting/teachers and feel comfortable.

Next week we will begin some very basic and child-friendly assessments to start building each child’s learning journey. All children will have a book and reading pack sent home by the end of our second week, which we hope you will enjoy sharing together.

Our Working Together Meeting will take place at 2.30 pm on Wednesday 20th September, where we hope to see as many families as possible. At this meeting we will discuss ways in which you can support your child, and us, in helping them get the most from their education at St Lawrence C of E Primary School.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mrs Pista and Mrs Britt